The Yap State Department of Education operates public elementary schools in every municipality on Yap proper and on most of the inhabited Outer Islands.

schoolThe system begins with Head Start and continues through 12th grade at the two public High Schools (in Yap proper and Ulithi). A recent survey put the number of students in the Yap State educational system at almost 3,000. School attendance up to the age of 14 is mandatory and course offerings in the elementary schools include Yapese reading, English reading, Oral English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Health and Culture. Instruction in the elementary schools is bilingual while high school classes are all taught in English on order to prepare students for further education abroad. Schools in Yap are modest but well supplied with text-books and basic instructional material. Almost all of the schools also have their own libraries open to villagers, which supplernent the books available at the Yap State Public Library.

There are also two parochial schools operating elementary and/or secondary level classes in Yap: one run by the Catholic Mission, the other by the Seventh. Day Adventist Church. Increasing numbers of students are also going abroad to study. Some of Yap’s best students leave the island for Xavier High School in Chuuk, PATS in Pohnpei, Guam, Palau, Saipan, or the U.S. mainland.

yap-schoolA large number of Yapese students are also enrolled in special vocational training programs through the U.E. Job Corps program. Many high school graduates choose to continue their education at colleges in Guam, Hawaii, or on die U.S. mainland. Yap State maintains a scholarship fand to help promising students finance their education abroad. The schools are staffed by a mix of local teachers and contract workers.