Yap is a constitutional democratic state, but it incorporates both

healthWestern and indigenoas traditional institutions. There are four branches of government in Yap: The Executive, Legislative, judicial, and Traditional. The popularly elected Governor and Lieutenant Governor head the Executive Branch and may serve two consecutive terms. Yap has Med to balance the interest of Yap Proper and the Outer Islands by mandating that the Governor and the Lt. Governor tannt both be from Yap proper or the Outer Islands.

Yap government would object if you were to call it conservative in terms of its approach. Elected officials and department heads are well aware of the Yapese people’s desire to pre-serve their traditional way of Life and customs.

Yap Village View Hotel19Rapid change and risky experiments are generally frowned upon, and the government spends a lot of energy on planning and consultation before making major moves. So far, the approach seems to be paying off. Yap has a constitutionally mandated balanced budget and has accumulated considerable savings through prudent management to help soften the impact of stepdowns in the U.S. compact funds.